You want your kids to thrive – not just survive.

Do any of these resonate?

  • You’re not showing up as the parent you really want to be.
  • You’re committed to respectful parenting, but you feel isolated and unsupported by friends and family who parent differently.
  • Your boundaries are a bit wobbly, which makes it hard for you to set limits with your child.
  • You feel hurt, anxious and like you’re failing as a parent when your kids are angry with you.
  • Your newborn’s crying or older child’s resistance floods you with uncontrolled anger, a need to escape or shuts you down entirely.
  • You’re an overachiever suddenly out of your element as a parent – you end up snapping at your kids, then feeling bad later.
  • You’re not a parent yet, but you’re worried about ‘screwing up’ your future children.

Parenting is hard. You could use some support.

Get curious about what you bring to the parent-child relationship.

You thought it would come naturally, but what really comes naturally is your own experience of being parented. We’re wired to do it like they did it. If you want to do it differently, you have to make different choices. It’s just so hard to not to fall back on your parenting ‘programming’ – especially when emotions are running high.

You want to raise children who feel seen and heard. You want your children to feel emotionally safe and secure in their relationship with you. It’s important to you that your children grow up capable of thinking for themselves, standing up for their choices, speaking up for themselves, and having the confidence to say no when someone crosses the line.

You know that the way you interact with your child sets the stage for these types of positive traits and ways of being in the world. And you also know the path you’re on with your kids right now may not lead them where you hope for them to go.

Seeking therapy to help you on your parenting journey is a vulnerable and courageous thing to do to. It can be difficult to get honest with yourself and tolerate the discomfort that may arise in reflecting on your own history.  Yet it is how you can really begin to understand your strengths and your struggles as a parent.

The good news is, you don’t have to do this alone.

I can help you figure out what’s holding you back from being the parent you really want to be. I’m eager to help parents get where they want to go.

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