Consulting sessions are not therapy. Instead, the consulting process involves as-needed single sessions or a series of sessions in which I offer guidance and support to parents, professionals and organizations for specific issues related to parenting or working with children. We will explore strategies to help you manage specific issues, and you can return periodically for follow-up sessions to check in about your progress and challenges, and we can adapt our plan as necessary. I can help you better understand your child’s current developmental stage, and help you establish respectful and age-appropriate expectations, boundaries and limits.

Consulting sessions may be helpful if:

  • your parent-child relationship is going mostly well, but you could use a ‘tune-up’ to help things run more smoothly and efficiently.
  • you are having difficulty navigating a specific behavior issue with your child.
  • you want to help your child manage a difficult life transition.
  • you work therapeutically with children and are seeking support around managing boundary issues with children or parents or understanding how your personal history affects your experience of your interactions with your clients.
  • you are a teacher, childcare provider or an administrator and you’d like to implement respectful caregiving practices in your setting.
  • you need assistance coordinating and implementing the recommendations of your child’s many service providers, including physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech/language therapists, psychotherapists, etc.

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